Account-Based Marketing Lessons Learned

Where-Cupid-Left-Bow: A little like Account-Based Marketing?Account-Based Marketing is a marketing buzzword making its rounds in headlines. While not a new concept, it is increasing in popularity and adoption. Tasked with driving the ABM project where I work, I’ve been digging into the technologies and methodologies for the last two quarters. There’s much to known and here are the lessons I’ve learned so far.

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Business Marketing Skills: Not Just a Pretty Face

Evolving Creativity & Strategic Thinking

Big DataIn 2012, I was on a plane on my way to a large industry trade show. I spoke briefly to the man sitting next to me who turned out to be in sales for a competing company. When I told him I was a marketer, he said, “Oh, so do you put together the brochures and stuff like that.” I could feel myself getting upset with this man. Instead I calmly replied, “that is a very, very small part of what I do.”

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Lead Generation is like Martial Arts – Part 2

10 Philosophies for Success in Martial Arts & Lead Generation

There are at least ten philosophies from martial arts that apply to Lead Generation. Here’s 6-10, finishing up this two-part post.

6. Perseverance

“Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas A. Edison

Beth Breaking BoardsIn my Tae Kwon Do journey there have been times when I progressed well and other instances when I had set-backs. I was disappointed when I didn’t attain a skill or a belt level by a certain date. Yet no matter what, achieving a black belt is my ultimate goal. With this vision I persevere. In marketing automation, it’s common to have frequent set-backs, instances when things go wrong. For example, a launched campaign receives internal or external criticism. Missteps provide the opportunity to learn, grow and persevere. Important lessons can be applied moving forward.

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5 Marketing Automation Tips To Avoid The Oops Factor

Benefits of Developing a Healthy Paranoia

Marketing Automation Tip: Death by ChocolateFor anyone in Marketing Automation you’ve probably experienced a time where you hit the “send” button and got a pit in your stomach. You have a premonition (or worse, immediate feedback) that something went horribly wrong. If you’ve done Marketing Automation for at least a couple of months, then you’ve most likely experienced an Oops Moment. If so, then this post is for you.

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Marketing Automation Acronyms

ERMDeciphering Marketing Automation’s Alphabet Soup

If you’re new to marketing or marketing automation, you’ve probably found yourself in a meeting where someone tosses about an acronym. You don’t want to look uniformed so you don’t ask. If that describes you, then this post is for you. I’ve listed the most common marketing automation abbreviations and what they mean.

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Business Marketing & Sales: Fixing a Dysfunctional Relationship

HomeImprovCupcakesLast time we reviewed the telltale signs when business marketing and sales departments don’t play nice. How do we fix a dysfunctional relationship that may be spinning out of control? Glad you asked. Since I’m in the business marketing function, that’s my point of view. Here are 6 ideas on how to repair a strained relationship:

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Marketing and Sales: A Dysfunctional Relationship?

What Happens When They Don’t Play Nice

Robot Fight: Dysfunction between Marketing and SalesOne of the telltale signs that marketing and sales departments aren’t working well together is finger pointing. It’s the ugly blame game that can spiral down into a no-win situation. Marketing continues to come up with its own lead nurturing campaigns and sales continues to complain about the quality of the leads. Middle ground is sometimes hard to find. Here are some of the reasons why marketing and sales don’t see “eye to eye.”

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Right Time for Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Ducks in RowIt’s a marketing automation professional’s dream to have a series of perfectly conducted lead-nurturing campaigns that sends a series of content designed for leads based upon their interest and previous activities. Lead nurturing systematizes the art of keeping leads warm — aka interest in your product or service until they are ready to buy. Marketing automation with lead scoring choreographs sending the right leads to sales at just the right time.

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