Lead Generation is like Martial Arts – Part 2

10 Philosophies for Success in Martial Arts & Lead Generation

There are at least tenĀ philosophies from martial arts that apply to Lead Generation. Here’s 6-10, finishing up this two-part post.

6. Perseverance

“Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas A. Edison

Beth Breaking BoardsIn my Tae Kwon Do journey there have been times when I progressed well and other instances when I had set-backs. I was disappointed when I didn’t attain a skill or a belt level by a certain date. Yet no matter what, achieving a black belt is my ultimate goal. With this vision I persevere. In marketing automation, it’s common to have frequent set-backs, instances when things go wrong. For example, a launched campaign receives internal or external criticism. Missteps provide the opportunity to learn, grow and persevere. Important lessons can be applied moving forward.

7. Confidence

“Winners expect to win in advance” – Anonymous

Beth Kicking A BoardEach week I am usually faced with learning a new skill or practicing one that has caused me trouble in the past. Each time I move out of my comfort zone and master that skill, I ultimately develop more confidence. In lead generation, I need confidence when using tools like Marketo and Salesforce. Confidence is a necessary ingredient when deciding strategy and constructing a campaign. Overcoming challenges build confidence when developing new marketing skill and expertise.

8. Respect

“Seek first to understand and then be understood” – Dr. Stephen Covey

In Tae Kwon Do, students always remove shoes, use official greetings and perform multiple courteous bows. We are taught to accept a variety of students for who they are. In marketing automation, it is important to respect your team. You also need to have a healthy respect for any tool that you use.

9. Responsibility

“The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

World ClassTae Kwon Do logoIn martial arts, it is important to be responsible to your school by showing up on time, being prepared with all equipment and doing your best. You also show responsibility to junior belts, sharing your knowledge to help them learn. This responsibility is also exemplified by a humbleness toward senior belts. Often marketing automation reminds me of the saying: “with great power comes great responsibility.” There is a lot of power behind the ability to send out mass email communications to a large database. Yet there is great responsibility, making sure the database isn’t abused. Lead generation is responsible for providing quality leads to the sales team… to the best of its ability.

10. Leadership

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing” – Albert Schweitzer

In Tae Kwon Do, students want to follow a leader that shows respect and concern for them rather than a leader who has the best skills. So at any point in the journey, the student or teacher must develop positive relationships based upon mutual respect. Working in lead generation, a company’s brand, messaging and reputation is a stake. To move outside the box, leaders need to take into consideration how they lead within and outside their team.

Are there any other philosophies you would add? How have these leadership fundamentals led you to greater success in your personal or professional life?

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